The Demise of Mr George Floyd

We are horrified at the casually callous way in which George Floyd was throttled to death, right before our eyes.

By the reminder that being “caught black” continues to be a capital offence in the United States, especially if you are male.

By the reminder – most recently from Amy Cooper – that the inability to grasp why the black community has been anguishedly pleading for relief is not naïveté after all, more white privilege – the executory, inherited, selective privilege that can be weaponised at whim.

Racist. Egregious. Infuriating. Evil. Enough.

Our feelings are justified. Boiling over. Almost Intolerable. Barely controlled. Almost unleashed….

….unless we retain the balance of perspective. Our emotions unrestrained will always overshoot, will surely miss the mark, will always lead us astray. If we are led primarily by our emotions, our grievances will rule us, and balance, strategy, sanity will not be found.

This is not a short turn, a play to be rushed. A turning point perhaps – but one that without wise perspective, will be squandered.

There is no denying that there is much to feel, much to say, much to do.

As we prepare to feel, say, do, let us remember:

* that life on this side of eternity is not fair, has never been fair, and never will be fair;

* there is far more to this struggle than meets the eye: there is a spiritual dimension to this – a battle against spiritual powers and authorities – against which physical attacks are in vain;

* while it is appropriate to speak out against and to seek to end this entrenched racism – especially in this moment – against black people and black men in particular, it is crucial to not lose sight of what really is the wisest stance in fighting this battle, and of Whom is really in control, behind the scenes.

The Lord God, Who created all and Who knows the end from the beginning, neither slumbers nor sleeps. He hasn’t dropped the ball. We all get to choose how we will react, and He continues to work all things according to His good Will.

🙏🏾 Please, daily ask God for His favor and for wisdom. For perspective, for peace and for a sound mind.

You that have endured evil, do not in turn become evil.

I have been grieved by these events and I am praying for a good outcome to all of this – even in the short term. May the Good Lord of Love have mercy on us all.

In Christ’s love,

Pastor Eniola.

(posted 30 June 2020; 417 words)

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