A. The Facts: A Reality Check

Our starting point is this: that there is indeed a God in heaven.  A divine all powerful Being who is utterly good.  There are other spiritual entities existing, it is true, – ‘gods’, evil spirits, a devil – however there is, and there can only be, one true God.

God has revealed himself through His Word – the Holy Bible.  The Bible is reputably and reliably recognized as the canon – the reliably examined, authenticated and closed collection –  of christian scriptures. Understanding, even on a very superficial level, that this is so, produces the realization that it has been tested and endured unscathed  centuries of ‘enlightened’ unbelieving human thought.

Beware, therefore, of  relying on commonplace generalities or fallacies about the Bible. Understand also that if you do not believe the Bible is true or reliable, you may not know enough about this most important of life sources to entrust your destiny to that presumption.  It may be, however, that you are a seasoned reader of religious literature. Let me ask you to put your confident pride in your knowledge on hold:  expansive knowledge of the scriptures is no guarantee of true understanding.  Please humbly consider instead – with an open mind – what is presented here: simple but divine truth.

Do you know that you can be alive and yet dead. That you may be numbered among the breathing and walking dead – destined for eternal torment, divinely condemned for your human failings.  Condemned, that is, if you do not have a personal, sincere, love relationship with God.

Regardless of how politically incorrect it may now be to say that there is only one true God – that there is only one way to him, and only one mortal life opportunity to choose or reject Him, it does not alter what has always been the truth: there is an inescapable choice between life or death that every single human soul must make.  That as quaint as it seems nowadays, that the day will finally come when every human soul will step outside of time, to be ushered into an everlasting blessed state of being or a hellish state of unending torment.

That choice is a decision to recognize and trust in God, the Lord God Almighty as revealed in Christian scripture – or not.

It requires a certain humility to accept that, like it or not, it is irrelevant to the truth, integrity, validity, or authority of the Bible whether you believe it or not. To be willing to recognize that the Christian answer to the meaning of Life is true and will remain eternally so.

Realize that the issue of the comparative worth of other belief systems or other sacred writings is ultimately a secondary issue that diverts from the main issue of  YOUR salvation – not the fate of the quadrillions that believe or have believed the contrary assurances of other beliefs. Bottom line, your compassion for others will not save you in the end, if you allow it to sidetrack you and lead you astray.

Choose life.

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