Become A Christian

How To Become A Christian: Why You Should and How You Can

[The how-to section is Section G: Simple Steps To Qualify For God’s Mercy: How To Become A Christian.  For more detail, work down from Section A: The Facts: A Reality Check.]

A. The Facts: A Reality Check

Our starting point is this: that there is indeed a God in heaven.  A divine all powerful Being who is utterly good.  There are other spiritual entities existing, it is true…..continue

B. The Meaning Of Life.

There is a point to this vexing journey called Life. Our joys, our triumphs and our challenges personalize and shape our quest.  A quest which realize it or not…..continue

C. A Terrifying, But Contemporarily Obscured Truth

The fact is that contrary to contemporary thought, we humans – we are not inherently good. We are flawed and we are naturally sinful, every single last one of us.….continue

D. The Human Dilemma

This produces the human dilemma.  Summed up from a Christian perspective, it is as that:….continue

E. The Divine Solution: A Uniquely Sinless Human

It is an ancient biblical principle that wrong –  sinful – behavior has a price. The consequence – the payment or wages of sin – is death.  This ancient law goes….continue

F. Jesus Christ, Sole Savior of Humankind, Willing Sacrificial Lamb

God identified Jesus as the one who would be the sacrifice for human sin – the one who willingly gave His life and shed His blood – a veritable sacrificial lamb….continue
G. Simple Steps To Qualify For God’s Mercy: How To Become A Christian

God chose in his infinite wisdom to make eligibility for this mercy incredibly, incredulously simple.  Simply:….continue

H. Talk To God (Prayer)

Decide today, now, who and what you will believe. Make a conscious decision to take God at his word, and if you choose to believe, execute that choice by directly….continue

I. Practical Steps

  • See for yourself what the Bible says.  Read to learn or remind yourself who Jesus is, and the promise His birth, life, and death fulfilled.  Read more about….continue

I would be delighted to know if this explanation has encouraged you to believe in Jesus or to renew your walk with him.  You are welcome to reach out to me to tell me about your decision.