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Episode 10: Quarterly Q & A No 1 – Witchcraft, Saved Pets and Everyday Miracles. The Beatitudinal Podcast

Once a quarter the Beatitudinal Podcast answers listeners questions and addresses issues from the preceding quarter.   This episode answers questions such as: Are animals covered  by salvation?  Are some problems too small for God attention?  What should I do if someone has put a spell on me?  Should I risk listening to 'voices' if I have a mental illness?  Listening time: 1 hour 24 min Send your (podcast related) questions to the Beatitudinal Podcast Facebook page, or to a blogpost on this broadcast, see  the Beatitude Blog  at a Beatitudinal mug at an inspirational Beatitudinal T-shirt at otherwise noted, all Bible references are to The Holy Bible, New King James Version Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson.Who is Pastor Eniola Longe-Atkin, Ph.D?Pastor Eniola is a life-long Christian, who was born into a Christian family who worshipped in the Anglican tradition.  She was christened at birth, confirmed as a teenager, and had the charismatic experience of being born-again as a young adult in 1986.  A law professor and attorney by profession, she ministered informally as a teacher, worship leader, intercessor and Christian counselor for many years before becoming a bi-vocational ordained minister following her retirement from legal practice.  She is now a legal administrator, an entrepreneur, a  christian life coach, public speaker and published writer. Support the show
  1. Episode 10: Quarterly Q & A No 1 – Witchcraft, Saved Pets and Everyday Miracles.
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The word ‘beatitude’ expresses “…an exclamation of the inner joy and peace that comes with being right with God”. The Beatitudinal Podcast investigates why, and how – practically speaking – life can be lived joyfully with a grateful attitude: i.e. exploration of  the art of living with gratitude

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