B. The Meaning of Life

There is a point to this vexing journey called Life. Our joys, our triumphs and our challenges personalize and shape our quest.  A quest which realize it or not, is a search for the Divine. A journey in which we all get to individually exercise the choice to get to know God, and to decide whether we will glorify him in how we choose to live our mortal lives.

This power of choice is a logical conundrum. God is – must be – in control of everything.   His Will must reign supreme. Yet, He permits us the very real ability to make choices to determine our path and destiny – which inexplicably are still a part of His omnipotent Will and predestined plan.

We have, in other words, a very real ability to choose.

And it all comes down to this: What is YOUR choice? Are you willing to except certain truths about your condition?  Are you willing to believe, and put into practice, the remedy for your condition?