Sure Compass or Certain Folly?

TRUSTING GOD is a sure compass – it is foolproof – and doubting Him is a surefire path to problems. It is a theme that runs through all four readings for today.

We see it in the quizzical question of the psalmist: why do these forces, alliances, cabals conspire and rage against God, when He is the Almighty One and He is in charge of everything? They are puffed up and consumed by their conceited, self-centered grievances as to be deceived that they can successfully challenge God or thwart His Will. They doubt His authority and it sets them up to attempt the futile.

We see it in the account of Herod and the Magi: Herod, consumed by ambition, pride and paranoia schemed to frustrate the ancient prophesy about who would be the real King of the Jews. He wanted to maintain his control over the rule of the land and both shows a certain trust in the authenticity and accuracy of the prophesy, yet proceeds in the most appalling and heartless manner to thwart it. Ie he doubted God’s Omnisciency, and this led his to utter folly which ultimately concluded with his awful end.

Adam and Eve allowed the Ultimate rebel against Gods to plant doubt in their minds about God’s goodness and His constant presence . This led to their ridiculous attempt to hide from God, and their banishment from the only place they had known and safest place they would ever know. Their kid Cain did the same thing – allowed jealousy and bitterness over God’s response to his and his brother Abel’s offerings to consume him that he committed murder and then thought he might be able to cover it up and evade responsibility for it to God.

In short, take God’s word for what He says about Himself, and be exceedingly wary, ruthlessly resistant to doubt about the accuracies and veracity of His Word (the Bible).

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