E. The Divine Solution: A Uniquely Sinless Human

E. The Divine Solution: A Uniquely Sinless Human

It is an ancient biblical principle that wrong –  sinful – behavior has a price. The consequence – the payment or wages of sin – is death.  This ancient law goes further to provide that the inextricable sin tainting our human natures is extremely expensive.  In fact, it can only be paid for – atoned – in one coin alone: the shedding of blood unto death. This amounts to a sacrifice – a life given over to death to release – redeem – the sentence applicable.

If this ancient principle were to be rigorously and proportionally applied, it would mean that every single human soul is doomed.  Why not eat, drink and be merry while you can then, since one unavoidable day, you will be snatched into a torturous, unending death?

Because we have reason to believe that this is not it.  Because this is not all there is.  And….that unspeakably awful death need not be your doom: God in His incredibly loving, omniscient Will made a way for both justice and mercy to be satisfied.

The solution to the human dilemma that God chose was to cause, from before the beginning of time, a uniquely sinless being to be existent, who would assume humanity by being born of a virgin woman, without being fathered by a sinful man.

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