G. Simple Steps to Qualify for God’s Mercy: How to Become a Christian

God chose in his infinite wisdom to make eligibility for this mercy incredibly, incredulously simple.  Simply:

  • chose to believe that God really exists
  • believe that God is in charge of everything existing, including you
  • accept that all humans are sinful, and that you, a human, because of your sinful nature, are deserving of God‘s judgment
  • accept that God‘s judgment – death – applies to you, and that nothing you can do can avert that sentence of death
  • realize that the ability you have to choose to recognize and obey God – instead of being a humanoid robot without a choice, programmed only to obey Him – is a gift from God that you get to truly exercise
  • accept that the choice is yours to believe that Jesus – called Christ (Savior) –  is the only son of God, and the sole means that God has chosen for humans to be delivered from eternal punishment and instead be reconciled to him
  • admit that though you yourself are helpless to escape that judgment, there is a way to be saved from that certain death – a way that has nothing to do with how good, or honest, or compassionate, etc you are
  • accept that all you need to do is simply BELIEVE:
    • that Jesus Christ is the Son of God
    • that He died on the cross to pay for your sin
    • that He was resurrected – that He rose from the dead – and that the promise in the Bible – that if you confess Jesus Christ is Lord with your mouth and believe it in your heart you will be saved – is true.
    • and trust that this simple solution – God’s solution – is sufficient and effective, absolutely all you need to do to qualify for God’s mercy.

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