H. Talk to God (Prayer)

Decide today, now, who and what you will believe. Make a conscious decision to take God at his word, and if you choose to believe, execute that choice by directly telling God about your choice by speaking the following words (or words of your choice that capture their jist).  Perhaps this will be your first prayer:

Dear God,

I now understand that I am a sinner – by nature and by my actions – and that I need your help to escape the penalty for my sinfulness.

I now realize that I cannot earn Your forgiveness by my actions, no matter what I do, and I am grateful for Your simple solution to rescue me.

I choose today [day, month, year] to put my trust in You and in Your word. I believe in my heart that Jesus Christ is Your son, that He lived and then died on the cross, and that on the third day – as You and He promised – He rose from the dead. I believe that this proved the truth of Your words, and I am deciding today, from now on, to live my life believing and trusting You.

I believe that this is all I need to do to be saved.

Please lead me in Your ways.  Guide my heart, my mind, and my feet from all that offends You. Please send sincere and sound believers who are mature in the faith to me.  Send them to encourage me in Your ways, and to help me grow in my faith.

Grant me the love and the determination to stay this course, confident of this step I have taken today.

Thank You for saving me.

In Jesus name, amen.

If you prayed this prayer, committing your life to Christ: congratulations!  You have been born again! God bless you as you live your new life, no longer under the shadow of death. Praise God!

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