I. Practical Steps

  • See for yourself what the Bible says.  Read to learn or remind yourself who Jesus is, and the promise His birth, life, and death fulfilled.  Read more about the Christian perspective on the human condition.  Read more deeply about God’s loving salvation made freely available to you.
  • Resolve to grow and mature in your changed life path. Learn what God expects of you (Bible study, Church).  Associate with people who are mature in the faith, who can support you and your precious resolution.

    Attend a Bible believing, respectable church. Draw up a list of possibilities, and carefully vet them with a view to choosing one.  Be shrewd, however. Be warned that there are gatherings described variously as ‘Church’, ‘Christian’ or ‘Spiritual’ which in fact may be unsound (spiritually dangerous), a cult, or a fraudulent gathering seeking primarily financial gain. It is not – in other words – every gathering that calls itself a ‘church’, ‘Christian ‘ or even, that uses the name of Jesus, that is safe or godly. Seek wise advice. ( Even reach out to me, if need be, if you are unsure as to how to be selective to start with.)
  • Write down the date of this decision. Keep it in a place where you can refer to it, to remind yourself of your decision.

    Tell at least one person, of your decision to become a Christian.  A person who believes and lives according to God‘s promises i.e. a believer in Jesus. Again, choose wisely – not someone who will undermine, ridicule or doubt the wisdom of your changed life, but someone who will affirm your life saving decision.
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