Beatitude: Living with Gratitude


(bēˈatiˌt(y)ood/) noun

The word beatitude may be defined as something more than mere ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’ – it is “…an exclamation of the inner joy and peace that comes with being right with God”. Here it refers specifically to the practice of living with gratitude.

I have named this blog ‘beatitude’ because it is an inspirational expression of my thoughts, insights and observations, joyfully offered from a christian perspective.

As someone who has been a committed christian for more than a few years, it seems to me that there is so much to be grateful for in this life.  I say this knowing full well that life is not easy, and that in fact, life can be very hard indeed.  Bottom line: life can be hard, but life is good.

The words here are written with the prayer that they may be rooted in truth, that they may resound with wisdom, and that they may reflect the nature of the Creator, the Giver of life and truth, Jesus Christ the Lord of all.

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