Feeling Stale?

It’s been a long 18 months. Out of nowhere a mystery ailment roared into global prominence – a pandemic that killed millions.

Vaccines were rushed into use, vaccine agendas politicized, vaccination campaigns lagged. Extended quarantine cycles led to job layoffs, a new trend of teleworking emerged. Galloping Covid, asymptomatic Covid, long Covid. Death, zoom funerals, and more deaths. 

Suddenly life and good health seemed transitory.

Widespread soul-searching forced a reconsideration of the age old questions; Why am I here? What have I accomplished? What is my purpose?

The angst provoked by the uncertain answers to those questions may have faded as vaccines have became widely available and death numbers have dropped.  For many, the crazy roller coaster has left them wrung out  and listless.

Time for a revitalizer.  Whether you know Him, have turned away from Him, or are yet to make His acquaintance, you need to receive new life through The One who makes all things new.

Get to know Him. Choose to take Him at His Word . Simply believe.  Gladly share your good news.

Do this, and you will be a new creature –  imbued with a new authority, eligible for deliverance from whatever may have been ailing you.

Mind you, faith in Christ Jesus is not a panacea for all ills – we are not promised relief from all the problems of our troubled world; however, you will no longer carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, because you will hand your burdens over to him.

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