Soul Detox

A Twenty-One Day Contemplative Journey

Day One: Your Words Are Powerful.

Day Two: Fear is Misplaced Faith.

Day Three: Fear is a Caustic Revealer.

Day Four: Ditch Irrationality: Live by Faith Not Fear.

Day Five: Faith in God, Not Fear.

Day Six: Whom Shall I Fear?

Day Seven: Powerful Name, Yes: Silver Bullet, No.

Day Eight: Shun the Ugly Four!

Day Nine: Defend Against Cultural Toxins.

Day Ten: Go Against the Flow.

Day Eleven: The Three Question Acid Test.

Day Twelve: Is Your Filter Faulty?

Day Thirteen: The Right Thing in the Wrong Way?

Day Fourteen: A Little Poison Goes a Long Way.

Day Fifteen: Vet Friends Valiantly.

Day Sixteen: Toxic Agent, Me?

Day Seventeen: Don’t Just Because You Can.

Day Eighteen: Let Your No Be No.

Day Nineteen: The Awkwardness of Boundary-Setting.

Day Twenty: Stand Your Ground.

Day Twenty-One: Seize the Time!

Day Twenty Two: Debrief: Don’t Just Hear, Do.

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